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Psychic powers and magic love spells

- provided by the spells master and love shaman Eros Amador

Frequently asked Questions

1. Will your magick harm anyone?
Answer: As long as you do it out of love, you or anyone else, wont be hurt. Magick will only bring you happiness. No one will get hurt in anyway.

2. Can't I cast my own spells?
Answer: Yes, but mastering magick demands a lot of practice and skills. Not everyone is born with the talent and without any talent it can take many, many years to even handle the easiest of spells.

3. Are spells safe?
Answer: YES! My spells are completely safe and they are created in a fashion that wont hurt anyone. (NOTE: no one will become a robot under the spell!)

4. Is it true that I can be anywhere on earth and the spell will still work?
Answer: YES, that is true! Magick is a universal power and reaches out to anyone, anywhere at anytime!

5. My case is very hard. Can you help me?
Answer: YES OF COURSE! I put 100% focus on every case and all clients gets the same high quality service!

6. How is your service? Is it as great as it seems? Answer: YES, my service is very appreciated by my clients! I answer your email within 12 h and I am ready to support when demanded. Your success is important for me and I serious in my work.

Most of the clients get results in 1-8 weeks. Some who are very receptive to my spells can see almost instant results!

7. I've been told you don't have to be part of a certain religion to use magick. Is that true?
Answer: YES, that is correct! You don't have to be part of any religion as this is a universal power.

8. Will all communications between us stay confidential?
Answer: Yes! I will not share your information with others and neither will you.

9. How do I order and pay?
Answer: Order by contacting me and paying with paypal, Visa, Master card, Amex, Discovery, e- check.

10. How fast can I get my casting done? I want fast result.
Answer: I have a constant flow of clients so the most urgent gets cast first. If I see urgency in solving your case, I will cast within 12 h. For fastest result I suggest as the more powerful custom spell.

11. I like my spell to last forever, is that possible?
Answer: Ask for my more powerful spells. They will last forever.

12. Is there any guarantee that your spell gives me the results i desire?
Answer: YES! Of course I have a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. You can ask for a recast after 8 weeks of the original cast if you are not happy with the results, free of charge, or you can ask for a full refund after 6 months if you are not happy with the results. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

13. How long does it take before I know if the spell will work or not.
Answer: Normally within 1-8 weeks. Every case is unique so the speed of the results differ.

Is there any obvious question I should have here? Email it to: eros@powerfulshaman.com.

You may contact me to discuss about your complex situation. My price list is listed is found on my Spells page.

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